Online DISC Group Culture Report (EPIC)



Groups, like individuals, tend to develop their own unique styles or cultures. Whether group members feel at home or like fish out of water, group culture has a large impact on their behavior, attitudes, and satisfaction level. The DiSC® Group Culture Report was designed to help you explore the DiSC style — or culture — of a group. Once you know the culture — its characteristics, advantages, and drawbacks — you’re better prepared to open meaningful discussions with group members in a group setting or one-on-one.

The DiSC Group Culture Report helps you answer these questions:

  • What is the DiSC style of a group?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the group culture?
  • How does the group culture affect members with different DiSC styles?
  • How does the group culture influence decision making?
  • How does it affect risk taking?
  • What types of behaviors are valued? What behaviors are not valued?

Only by discussing these types of issues is it possible to capitalize on — or change — group culture.

The DiSC Group Culture Report can be generated using data from DiSC Classic 1.0, DiSC Classic 2.0, and DiSC PPSS on EPIC. No respondent names are included, which assures anonymity and a safe jumping-off point for further exploration.

EPIC, or Electronic Profile Information Center, is an online system which offers you an easier and more cost-effective solution to purchasing, distributing, and reporting of web-based assessments.


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