Judith Crowson

Judith and Marvin work individually as well as a team. They prefer to start their work with clients using appropriate assessments to establish a benchmark and current needs, develop strategies for gap reduction, and then use further surveys to monitor progress and the level of improvement with individuals, groups, departments and the organization.

Founder and Director of Awareness And Development, a company specializing in executive, management and employee development. Judith says she “reaps more satisfaction from helping others than her own achievements.” Past and present clients and professional associates have described Mrs. Crowson as “results-oriented, fast-paced, and interactive, inspiring, street-smart, master-group facilitator, meeting synthesizer, commentator and a people-builder.”

Her professional experience includes twenty-three years plus of coaching and equipping people to be “even” more effective in their work situations. She facilitates management development, team building, communication, interpersonal skills, principles of success and leadership. She trains trainers and executives in the use of surveys and other diagnostic tools and instrumented learning to improve individual, team and organizational relationships, performance and results.

Her work has been with CEO’s, VP’s, managers, supervisors, and with front-line employees across the United States and internationally including Canada, Jamaica – W.I., Bermuda, Mexico, Eastern Europe, and Australia. She is a master facilitator, coach, speaker, motivator and trainer. Mrs. Crowson’s clients include organizations in publishing, energy, engineering and manufacturing, finance, marketing as well as aero space, airlines, electronics / telecommunications, pharmaceutical and health care, education, agribusiness, government and non-profit areas.

Specifically, her clients include: Carlson Learning Company, Carlson Marketing Group, Heller International, Wells Fargo Bank, Martin Lockheed, United Airlines, Amoco, Hernandez Engineering, McDonnell Douglas, Jones Information Management Systems, ADTRAN Inc., ViewSonic, Trainers Group, Richmond Homes, Century 21, Avon Corporation, South Coast Air Quality Management District, Character Education Institute, Abilene Christian University, Colorado Department Of Social Services, Arapahoe County Employment And Training, Profit Strategies (Amplica), California Pharmaceutical Association, USDA, Team Trek, Delta Medical Center, Delta & Pine Land Corporation.

Mrs. Crowson’s graduate work is in Applied Communication and she holds a baccalaureate degree and secondary certification in Business Education. She has extensive training and advanced certifications in facilitation skills development, management development, team building, leadership and relationship strategies.

In her roles as speaker and conference presenter, contract trainer, executive coach and mentor, Mrs. Crowson has received many awards including mentor of the year, circle of excellence sales award winner each year since 1984 and master trainer for Carlson Learning Company.

Mrs. Crowson is a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association. Other professional organizations that have provided cutting edge skills development include Toastmasters International, American Society Of Training and Development and the California Professional Coaches Association.


Marvin Crowson

Marvin is the President of Awareness And Development and has been a coach, consultant and trainer for over twenty years with business, industry, government and non-profit organizations.

He served first as an organizational consultant and then as a Manager of Organizational Development and Training for a government regulatory agency with 1500 employees. His specialties include personal, team and organizational assessment, working with individuals, groups and organizations to form and implement their vision, mission, core operational values, leadership, management and team development.